True peace in life

We realize too late how precious time is only when it is lost and gone. I began my association with drugs because of my own curiosity, ignorance, and the influence of friends. Drugs were my first love, but they also became the monster that controlled me for a full decade, and the reason for my two jail terms. I can still recall my first experience of life without freedom at the Reformation Center. It was absolutely unbearable and I told myself that I would turn over a new leaf when released. But as soon as I got out of jail I went looking for drugs. The dependence got steadily worse and I did many despicable and wretched things to satisfy the craving, even sinking so low as to cheat my mother of money meant for her post-stroke treatment and medication. I hated myself and wanted to change for I did not want to spend the rest of my life in jail. But no matter how hard I tried I just could not free myself of the shackle. I was in deep despair and pain and thought of ending my life but did not have the courage. Who could help me?

Praise the Lord! When I was on parole after my second jail term I was emplaced in Breakthrough Missions for the Halfway House program. The many changed lives of the brothers I met at this center showed me the omnipotent power of the Lord, and through their love and support I experienced the love of Christ. I decided to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and this was to mark the beginning of a bright new chapter in my life.

By the grace of the Lord I was given a chance to join the Breakthrough Missions’ singing ministry, and had opportunities to witness for the Lord through songs and testimonies not only in Singapore but also Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. In Nov 1999, I was appointed officially as an assistant staff member of Breakthrough Missions. Although this presented many new challenges I experienced the grace and presence of the Lord. Even greater blessing was to follow when on 12 Jan 2002, witnessed by God and man, I married sister Ing Yiing. If it were not for the Lord’s grace, who would risk her life happiness in marrying an ex-drug abuser like me? Not only do I have my own home and a loving helpmate today, the Lord has also blessed me with a lovely daughter, Lael (meaning “belonging to God”) who was born on 12th April 2007. I had gone from paucity to God’s plenty. The Lord has blessed me with possessions; He has also released my spirit and given me freedom and peace. Today my cup overflows with His blessings which I can channel to many others and help them. May the Lord continue to lead me in the journey ahead, and may my life be one that is fully used and shines for the Lord, and glorifies His name. Amen.

“True peace in life is the freedom of the spirit that only Christ can give.”

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