Found the light of life

If not for Jesus Christ I would still be astray in darkness and lost in sin. My life was one of emptiness, without direction or hope. It was altogether meaningless. All I cared for was the satisfaction of my wants and the pursuit of worldly pleasures. Drugs became the spiritual prop and pillar of support for my life.

Some of my friends from those days are serving 10-20 year jail terms for drug trafficking, while a few have been sent to the gallows. Many are still going in and out of prison, and some have even taken their own lives. I would have been among them, going down the path of destruction, if it were not for Godís mercy on me.

Praise the Lord! It is Jesus Christ who gave me this new life when He redeemed me from sin and darkness. He restored my spirit, and His truth set me free. I am now truly free in the Lord.

Jesus Christ opened my eyes to my own sins and iniquity.
Jesus Christ helped me recognize my past folly.
Jesus Christ helped me see the abject misery of my old life.

If not for Jesus Christ, there is nothing worthy in my life that can be shared with you today. This is entirely the Lordís handiwork. I believe all that I have is from the Lord, and it is His blessing that I am serving in Breakthrough Missions today. The Lordís blessing is also upon my own family members for they have accepted Jesus Christ. Our Lord is worthy of all praise and worship. All glory be to God!

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