I remembered clearly that morning in 1990 when the police was trying to break into my house to arrest me.  In an attempt to get away, I climbed out of the kitchen window, hanging on to two bamboo poles for life.  Suddenly, I felt total despair and let go of my hands since there was no way out for me.  At that time, I told myself that if I could not get away, then just let me die since such a life is not worth living anyway.  It did not cross my mind to consider what would I do if I ended up disabled instead of dead!  I fell into a small drain and broke both legs.  I was hospitalised for two months but as soon as I was discharged, I went searching for drugs on crutches.

Thank you, Lord Jesus! His love was upon me when I came to a dead end in my life.  He sent Pastor Simon  Neo to counsel me.  With a badly injured body and a broken heart, I went to Breakthrough Missions and underwent its drug rehabilitation programme.  The leaders, staff and brothers in this big family gave me much encouragement and showed me much love.  They brought hope to my life.  By God’s mercy and power, He answered my prayer and healed my legs.  I can walk normally once again.  Thank and praise God! The Lord Jesus had saved and healed me, and Breakthrough Missions has equipped and given me many opportunities to serve the Lord.

God has also given me a wife who is willing to accept me and be my good helpmate.  I am now a father of three.  To commemorate God’s grace upon me, a worthless ex-drug addict who is now saved and living the abundant life of a free man, I named my children, Jia Hui (beautiful mercies), En Hui (grace) and Hao En (boundless grace).  May all glory and praise be unto Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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