My name is Lim Sing Sing. In January 1992, I jumped from the fifteenth storey window of my home while under the influence of glue sniffing and tranquilizers. I landed on top of a car and it was badly dented. When I regained consciousness, it was already two months later. I discovered that I had broken my four limbs and spine. My stomach had also been operated on and there was a small hole at my throat. I suffered serious injuries all over my body which had broken into 7 parts, except for my head which was intact. No words can describe my pain, agony and despair.

Later, a Christian doctor shared the Gospel with me. He told me that Jesus loves me and He can help me. I was in doubt, why would Jesus love a cripple like me? Can He really help me? Initially I did not believe what the doctor said but he continued to visit me everyday. He showed great concern for me, taught me how to pray and read the bible, even though he has nothing to gain from me. I saw the love of the Lord Jesus in this doctor and was so touched that I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

I was hospitalized for ten months but found that I had nowhere to go when it was time for my discharge. Both my parents were deceased and the other family members had distanced themselves from me. I did not even have the strength to lift myself out of the bed, so how could I even go home? Praise God! He brought another Christian doctor into my life, who introduced me to Breakthrough Missions.

I have been staying at Breakthrough Missions for ten years now. I thank God for the opportunity to learn to play the guitar and master computer skills so that I can serve Him in these areas. I am also thankful for the opportunity to study and compete my diploma in Grassroots Ministry in May 2000. Although I cannot walk, I have hope and the Lord has given me the opportunity to serve Him at Breakthrough Missions. God is good, for He even provided me with a special motorcycle so that I can visit drug rehabilitation centres to counsel drug addicts.

All these are possible because of God’s love and grace. May the Lord continue to use me to bless others. All thanks and praise to the Lord, and glory to our God in the highest. Amen.

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