I failed my Primary School Leaving Examination and was posted to Institute of Technical Education, I was involved in secret society activities at 14.  Two years later, I was arrested for gang fights and put on probation for three years.  I became a loanshark in 1988.  When my finances improved, I turned to tranquilizers and marijuana.  In 1989, I broke into a neighbourhood Resident Centre under the influence of drugs and was apprehended.  I was again very blessed to be given only a 2-year probation sentence.  At times when I could not get tranquilizers, I substituted it with heroin.  Life was real hard and bitter then.

My life was in a mess until 1994 when I learnt about Breakthrough Missions, a gospel rehabilitation Centre that can help drug addicts.  I decided to give it a try but three months later, I wanted to venture out.  It was real foolish of me for I was immediately back to drugs again.  The Holy Spirit rebuked me and I felt very remorseful the next day.  I decided to return but was turned away.  I felt totally helpless and cried out to God.  On the fourth day, by His grace and mercy, I was allowed to return.

Upon completing my 18-month training programme, I decided to stay on and serve.  It has since been fourteen years, thank God for His guidance.

God’s grace is far beyond human understanding.  During this time, I came to know Sister Chin Chin and we got married in July of 2001 at St Andrew’s Cathedral.  We have a blissful marriage and God had also blessed us with a daughter in 2003.  We named her (信慈)to acknowledge God’s faithfulness and mercy.  I was once an unpardonable sinner but am now forgiven and showered with God’s blessings.  I am not worthy but God’s mercy and grace are bountiful.

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