Unspeakable grace from God

I was once a mischievous boy. At the age of 12, I began smoking. By 15, I was hooked on marijuana and other hallucinogens. Under the influence of drugs, I began stealing too. Soon I was caught and sentenced to two years of probation. Unfortunately, the punishment failed to deter me from taking heroin when I was serving National Service. Since then, I was jailed twice and sent to the drug rehabilitation centre three times. I determined to change…but I could not. I went back to my old ways. Frustrations and bitterness filled up my heart. I hit the lowest point of my life. It seemed to me that I’ve reached a dead end. Nothing, not even my mother’s tears, my friends’ encouragement nor the correctional service worked for me. Deep inside, I wondered, “Is my life over like that?”

When I was in total despair, thank be to God His love came down on me. In my last imprisonment in 2001, I suddenly remembered one bible verse my grandmother always taught me. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”(John 3:16)
I cried out for God’s mercy to change an incurable sinner like me. I saw myself as the prodigal son who has wandered for more than ten years in and out of the prison, living such a decayed life. From the day onwards, life has definitely taken a turn for me. God re-ignite hope in my life and I looked forward to living a brand new life!

Upon my release, God miraculously led me to Breakthrough’s gospel rally. I was so touched by brother’s life transformation testimonies and God’s words that I decided to emplace myself to Breakthrough Missions. Thank God for His grace I was given the opportunity to equip myself in Breakthrough for 8 years and serve in His ministry
full-time for 5 years. Jesus said, “When you are turned again, make your brothers strong.” (Luke 22:32)  At the end of 2010, God’s words and the Holy Spirit have pressed me urgently that I decided to surrender and dedicate my whole life to God. I will start my full-time theology study this year as a foundation for future serving.  I am thankful for His unfailing love on a sinner like me, even gave me a chance to co-work with our Father of glory to testify and glorify His name.

God’s provision is far beyond human understanding. Thanks be to God! He prepared a Hong Kong sister-in-Christ, Jia Li as my life partner, thereafter, to serve together in Breakthrough as a social worker. My heart is overflowed with joy and thanksgiving having a lifelong companion to serve together hand in hand and heart to heart.

Praise the Lord for His unspeakable grace and blessings upon us.

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