I stayed at Kampong Chai Heng during my childhood. I have an elder brother and two sisters. Both my parents were working. When I was in Secondary 4, I befriended some teenagers of other races. We had a free supply of marijuana and occasionally, sleeping pills.

After graduation, I worked as factory worker, skilled worker and even in hotel kitchen as an assistant. At that time, I would spend every single cent on heroin. When I was short of money, I would inject morphine. I lived each day on drugs. I was once hospitalized at the Alexandra Hospital in hope of curing my addiction, but the treatment was not successful. I continued to be under the curse of drugs for six years. During this time, I was invited by friends to attend church services.

In 1977, I was arrested and jailed for six months. The next year, I was apprehended again and given fifteen months imprisonment. I thank God that I was able to hear the Gospel and attend Sunday worship while in jail. Gradually, I began to open up my heart and accepted Christ as my personal Saviour.

After my release, I went to the House of Hope to learn. Two years later, I decided to venture out. I worked in the exhibition industry for over ten years. In 1997, the Lord led me to New Direction and I served there till 2001. Actually I was already in the executive committee of Breakthrough Missions as early as 1985, but in 2002 I joined as a full time staff. I am thankful to the Lord for blessing me wilh a happy and blissful marriage during this period of time. I am now a proud father of two children. My heart is full of thanksgiving as I watched them grow.

As an ‘overcomer’ myself, I truly understand that it is only through the resurrection power of Christ, that we, sinners, can be free from our sins and our physical, emotional and mental anguish be healed by God’s great love. It is also only by His holiness and righteousness that we can learn to live once again. A clean and holy life free of drugs.

As I reflect upon my service in the gospel rehabilitation ministry, I believe that it is God’s divine intervention and provision. I am willing to dedicate myself to the Lord, may He continue to mould me and use me. Amen.

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