The first half of my life was spent in gang fights and stirring up trouble. After I became addicted to drugs, the prison became my second home. Although I heard the Gospel in the prison and was baptized later on, and even went to House of Peace to undergo the rehabilitation programme, my life still did not change.

In 1983, I was charged in court for possessing drugs. After I paid my fine, an officer wanted to see me. He told me that the authorities had decided to repatriate me to Malaysia. Upon hearing the news, I was stunned and speechless. I have lived in Singapore for over twenty years, what would happen to me if I were repatriated back to Malaysia? I sincerely cried out to God for help to transform my life.

Praise the Lord! He answered my prayer. God sent Pastor Simon Neo to accompany me through the most difficult rehabilitation stage. And when Breakthrough Missions was officially registered on 1 July 1983, I was their first resident. While waiting for news from the authorities regarding my repatriation, I underwent Breakthrough’s transformation programme. A few weeks later, I received this piece of good news, “Hua Zhong, you need not go back to Malaysia. We have studied your case and granted you permission to stay in Singapore.” Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! This was truly a miracle!

After I completed my rehabilitation programme at Breakthrough Missions, I decided to stay on and serve, and was made a full-fledged staff eventually. I have served at Breakthrough Missions for more than a decade, learning to love, care, help and counsel drug addicts who sincerely wanted to change and lead a new life. By God’s divine guidance, I was given the opportunity to help drug addicts in Indonesia.

I am also very thankful to God for providing me with a life partner, Sister Huang Xiu Er. In 1997, at age 54, I married her and formed a family with Christ as the head of our household. Although there are many ups and downs in my spiritual walk over the past twenty years, I praise and thank the Lord for His blessings, moulding and carrying me through. I would not be where I am today, If not for the Lord. May my remaining days continue to be used by Him in reaching out to brothers in need.

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