It all happen during the early 80’s, when I was addicted to drug. I started off with Marijuana and popping pills (MX) and as times go by, I wanted more of those high? One of my so called friends introduced me to heroine, once I got my first puff of the heroine I was so high that I thought that I was in heaven but it was no so cos I get addicted and my life got mess up and my nightmare started!

As day and months went by, I needed more drugs in order to satisfy my carving and of cause I need more money to purchase the drug. One of my friends asked me whether I’m interested in being a supplier, and I didn’t even bother to take into consideration of the consequent of being caught because I needed the money badly, and I agreed with the proposal so I started with a new trade. I thought that everything’s will work out find but the worst is yet to come and I getting myself deeper, more problems arising.

Indeed, I was caught by the Officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau with a possession of 450gram of heroine. Suddenly worry and fear pour over my mind because base on the Law in Singapore, “Anyone caught with possession of 15grams and above of controlled drugs (morphine or heroine) will face the mandatory sentence (Sentence to Hang).” After the court mentioned, the judge remanded me in Queenstown Remanded Prison for further investigation. I was lock-up in a single cell all by myself and was only allowed One (01) hour to mingle around the yard with fellow inmates.

It was during that time that a fellow inmate (Christian Brother) came to me and share about Jesus! He told me that Jesus love us, and Jesus are willing to be crucify on the Cross in order to redeemer us from our sin, and he told me that all I need to do is to believe in HIM and confessed my sin to HIM and ask HIM for forgiveness! He also told me that I need to pray because as a Christian, “Prayer is the most powerful key!”

As I went back to my cell, my mind are full of doubts, wandering is there really a Jesus that love me so much and all I need to do is to received HIM as my personal savior, confess and repent from my sins! The next morning during our recreation and yard times, this Christian Brother came to share with me again, he told me to cast all my worry and problems to HIM because HE is a “Gracious” and “Merciful” God. He ensures me that Jesus will help me; I need to trust and have faith in HIM. Before we proceed back to our cell, he prays for me and reminds me to keep praying!

The day before my court sentence, he gathers a few Christian Brothers to pray for me, and he told me that before I proceed to court I need to pray and ask mercy and the present of God to be with me.

Indeed, the present of God is with me during my sentence and HE listen to our prayer and in HIS time and HIS wills, HE softening and touch the heart of the judge. “Halleluiah”, I was sentence to 07 years imprisonment and order to be cane for 07 strokes. Indeed our God is a merciful God, HE show me a miracle sign, by giving the number 07 two times, in the Bible, number 07 is a perfect number. From that day onwards I keep thanking God for showing HIS mercy and kindness on me, and I made a commitment to God that I want to serve HIM faithfully!

Upon my release on 2003, I decided to emplace myself to Breakthrough Missions Singapore to equip myself through God words and to know HIM better. Indeed God really bless me “Spiritually and “Physically”, HE even equip me further through Pastor Simon Neo, the leader of Breakthrough Missions Singapore to gave me various opportunity to go to Breakthrough Missions Yayasan Sentul Jakarta, to serve my Indonesian brothers who are also in the bondage to drugs.

Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus for HIS mercy, grace and not forgetting HIS unfailing Love for me. I thank God for breaking the chain and releasing me for my bondage, and also giving me the opportunity to help fellow brothers. And the most important is that I can testify and glorify my LORD JESUS CHRIST.

During my hard time, I keep reminding myself through the word of God in Luke 1:37, it says that “For nothing is impossible with GOD”.

Once again “All Glory to Our Father in Heaven”. “Amen!”

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